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Event Details

Sean Healy Presents
A.C.E 2024 US Tour [REWIND_US]
July 16, 2024 7:30 pm EDT (Doors: 6:00 pm )
Town Hall , 123 W. 43rd St., New York, NY (map)

New York, NY
South Korean boy group A.C.E will be back on the road to meet their fans through the new tour A.C.E 2024 US Tour [REWIND_US] in New York live on July 16, at the Town Hall.
A.C.E, a quintet under the label BEAT INTERACTIVE, comprises members LEE DONGHUN, WOW, PARK JUNHEE, KIM BYEONGKWAN, and KANG YUCHAN. Since their debut in 2017, the group has fearlessly experimented with various concepts and sounds, continually surprising their dedicated fanbase.
Recently making waves with their sixth mini-album, <My Girl: “My Choice”>, released on February 22, A.C.E introduced the PETFLIX project, a witty parody of an OTT platform. Generating significant global interest even prior to its release, the album’s unique promotional content, resonating with the PETFLIX concept, captivated fans with high-quality video teasers showcasing individual members’ distinct personas. The album’s title track, “My Girl”, featuring a trendy disco-pop sound, promises to enchant K-pop enthusiasts.
This tour marks the group’s reunion as all five members return from their military service. It holds immense significance not only for A.C.E but also for their loyal fandom, “CHOICE,” offering a long-awaited opportunity for mutual connection. The A.C.E 2024 US Tour [REWIND_US] is poised to create unforgettable memories for both the group and their fans. With a refined sound and striking visuals, A.C.E pledges electrifying performances that fans eagerly anticipate. The group’s dynamicenergy and intensity are set to captivate audiences, showcasing their signature bold charm through mesmerizing tracks and choreography.