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Event Details

Sean Healy Presents
Catie Turner featuring Baby Fisher
with Baby Fisher
June 28, 2023 8:00 pm PDT (Doors: 7:00 pm )
Brick and Mortar Music Hall , 1710 Mission Street , San Francisco, CA (map)




Catie Turner
Baby Fisher
Hi, I’m Sam Fisher aka Baby Fisher, born July 25, 2005. I grew up in the valley (Van Nuys, CA) listening to Bruce Springsteen, whiny voice singers of the 90s and rap music. Moved to Burbank at the age of 10 and was possibly the LEAST cool kid in both elementary and middle school. At 12 I started playing guitar, about 4 months in of playing I started gigging regularly at blues bars with studio musicians from the 60s/70s who worked with Elvis, Etta James, etc. All my love goes out to them, if it wasn’t for them, I’d still be day dreaming about being a musician. I dove headfirst into the high school dumpster fire at 14 while simultaneously spending all my time making music, reading, sewing my own clothes or hanging out with kids that were way too old for me and doing exactly what they shouldn’t. I was the youngest so they called me Baby (hence Baby Fisher). I found myself sprinting into bum territory and instantly turned in the right direction. I fell in love with Bukowski and a good view point, driving at 2 am and too many women who were far too pretty for me. These loves quickly turned into song inspiration. Y’know I once wrote to my favorite author at age 10 and he wrote back. He told me a very simple thing that really stuck with me; “there’s no magic in books, they’re just words strung one after another, the magic happens in the readers head. All you’ve got to do is learn to get the order right.” The same applies to these songs. All they are is silly little documentations of my life. There’s nothing spectacular or fantastic or whatnot. All the magic comes from you. It’s already there, the music is just what brings it out. There’s no me without you.