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Sean Healy Presents
Stephen Day: The Shapes I'm In Tour with Special Guest Carly Bannister
with Carly Bannister
October 18, 2021 8:30 pm PDT (Doors: 8:00 pm )
Milk Bar , 1840 haight street, San Francisco, CA (map)
$12.00 - $42.00




Stephen Day
The pandemic hasn’t left anyone’s life unchanged. In February 2020 Stephen Day was gearingup to tour his 2019 albumGuess I’m Grown Now. He and his band were prepping for his firstshow in Asia then ready to return to the states for his first headlinetour a week later. As newson COVID-19 started to spread and the world began to shut down, Day’s view of the immanentfuture, like everyone else’s, was no longer certain. On March 7thflights to the Philippines werecanceled, then SXSW along with his official showcase slot that was no longer, and he and histeam had to make the decision to cancel his tour. Like that, Day, along with the rest of theworld was in a new digitally driven community.Over a year later as the world starts to re-open the 25 yearold Nashville resident has taken thetime to reflect on his place in culture, business, and art. “It felt like the world around me andthe world inside me was begging for me to dig deeper, in a way asking me to accept the callingof being an artist and I did my best to answer back.” Since the shutdown Day released his firstself-produced projectOriginal Song’s and Sound,collaborated with Allen Stone, and passed 43million streams on his catalog. American Songwriter called his track “Every Way(Supernatural),” “a huge musical leap forward” and went on to add that it “signals rebirth andrenewed creative force.” The five song EP made alone in the confines of his bedroom lend tothe crooner vocal performance his fans have come to love as well as moving his sound into acontemporary space.Since the start of 2021 Day has written, recorded, and finished his second full length albumwhich will be out this fall. The project was co-produced by Micah Tawlks (COIN, HayleyWilliams, Liza Anne) and Day. Eager to getit out to fans Stephen says, " I put so much of myselfinto this record in hopes that we could all grow a little closer together after the year and a halfwe’ve had of being separated. It feels like the easiest way to re-enter and rebuild a more socialandcommunal world is by remembering how to give away a little bit of yourself to someoneand trusting them with it.” The project represents a new era for Stephen that isn’t afraid topush boundaries sonically or in subject matter. He’s come a long way sincehis 2016 debut andlooking forward to the future ahead.
Carly Bannister
Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Carly Bannister offers a refreshing take on the Nashville sound. Bannister draws on the engaging melodies of icons like Kacey Musgraves while invoking the raw lyric of artists like Brandi Carlile, allowing for a wide but sincere appeal. Bannister's songwriting is at once witty, searching, and disarming—she conveys dense, complex emotions through fresh and singable melodies, resulting in songs both weighty and weightless.